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The Lotus Flower Gallery offer high quality art from Vietnam, the Orient, and the World!

This new on-line gallery had its origins in 2012 when it was located in the heart of London, next to the British Museum. It was founded by the curator Richard Baker-Howard, an expert in Vietnamese art. The Gallery now offers an eclectic range of Vietnamese fine art, the vast majority being oil on canvas, and has introduced other ranges of more well-known artists.

The Lotus Flower Gallery collection is chiefly centred upon established and up-and-coming artists and it has a keen eye trained on the emergence of the most cutting-edge painters, such as the highly controversial Luong Trung. Also to be found in the collection are the most representative traditional artists from the region, such as Duong Ngoc Son, whose paintings are collected by private galleries the world over, and are displayed in the Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Museum.

Our Philosophy
One of the founding principles of the gallery is to show that the purchase of art is not just for the expert collector; we wish to encourage everyone with an interest in art. Art opens the mind, offers options for thought and launches exciting and stimulating journeys into one's imagination. Art can also be mental balm, a repose for the soul