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Frequently Asked Questions

For all enquiries please call us on +44 (0) 7799 771070

Since the opening up of the creative sector with Doi Moi in 1986, the artists' of Vietnam have been quick to recognise the opportunities that this openness has presented. The last decade has witnessed dozens of high quality gallery openings offering the best that the artistic community in the country has to offer, aware that Vietnam has some of the best and most innovative artists in Asia. Over the last decade or so, our artists have continued to push the boundaries and explore the aesthetic avenues of the entire region. The Lotus Flower Gallery operates mainly from London, and we supply Europe, and indeed the world, with these fine arts from Vietnam.

The quality of the Lotus Flower Gallery works are so high because of the innate talent of artists from Vietnam. The training programmes from Secondary School to University and onto Art College, are also second to none in the region.

Yes, all of our oils on canvas are original works. We do supply a select range of framed prints, and these are clearly indicated in their listings.

Many of our best works have been displayed at top London Galleries before, and many have been rolled and stretched previously. If you require rolled canvasses they may well have discernible staple mark holes to the sides. These will obviously not be evident once the works are re-stretched. If you require a stretched canvas, the work will arrive in display condition, i.e. excellent.

As mentioned, some of our works are stretched, and some are stretched & framed. We are happy to supply all works as stretched canvases without the frame. The precise state of each artwork is clearly listed. Please contact us for more details if it is unclear.

If you would like to be considered for representation by the Lotus Flower Gallery, please submit a very brief CV with some examples of your work. Please note that we are looking for artists and works that display quality, originality and creativity -

Many of the artists we represent have seen incredible price rises over the last few years, and those that appear in auctions will see prices rise only higher. However, we recommend that you do not purchase a work of art as an asset class if you are not spiritually enriched by having it on your wall, but there is no harm in having the comfort of knowing that a work from the Lotus Flower Gallery will almost certainly increase in value.