The finest original art.


Buy original paintings online by choosing from our select range of established, emerging and awarded artists from South East Asia. The vast majority of our paintings are oils on canvas, and our artists' engage with the art world in many different ways; some are autodidacts, some have been through conventional college and some have been to prestigious universities. But whichever path our artists chose to pursue their vocation, it is only quality that the Lotus Flower Gallery are interested in.

mixed life


The Church

Do Van Hiep

Bamboo Forest


Going to the Market II

A classic, vibrant market scene from Van Thanh

Beach Living

Gno Tam at his vibrant best

original painting

Dynamic Vietnam

slice of life

original picture

Peace River

Go with the flow of this river in your life and face from the front and enjoy the life.

Innocent Boy

Innocent Boy from the tribes of Tibet

Equivalent Series

One of Neuper's signature mixed-media originals

Beach Village I

Feel the beach style village life by viewing the Beach Village I everyday.

Caring Sister

A caring duo

Lotus Flower girl

Mysterious Vietnamese girl in the lotus flower river.


Thien's iconic buddah-like figure; mysterious and deep in equal measure.

The Path of Glory

Follow the path of glory with this stunning work

The Green Day

Mysterious and intriguing in equal measure. A monk disappearing into a classic Vietnamese Forest.


Mysterious buddah-like figure sitting in an earthly paradise

The Flamboyant

Orange blossom tree

Lives 11

Second in the series of Dung's startling polemics on the diminution of childhood


Enjoy this wonderfully deceptive abstact 'mountain-scape' full of depth and capriciousness.